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Disney Princess Flip Phone

If you're a Disney enthusiast, you'll enjoy Princess and frog tiana watercolor hearts Disney leather phone is case that accompanies your slain queen on her substitute to gardenia, keep your adore of the movies in check with this elegant piece - show your favorite stars the way to go.

Disney Toy Flip Phone

The new Disney toy flip phone is back and better than ever! This flip phone gives a new flavor for your cupcake or candy cupcake! It's a first-rate alternative to stay connected to your favorite Disney moments, the flip phone also extends a new function where you can control your music from anywhere in the world. This toy flip phone is a classic example of how the Disney movies influence children, it comes with a vintage Disney Princess face mask and kids character dialogue. The phone is able to talk, including a special voice that can be called up on an interactive screen at any time, this Princess toy flip phone case is manufactured of leather and is designed to protect your s3 from jostling and other by making it facile to turn off the phone when you want it to. The case also includes a cinderella story characters calendar and alarm clock, this Princess flip phone toy is top-rated for kids who adore to play with their hands. The toy is produced of plastic and comes with a phone case to protect it, the case can be removed and used as a place to store buttons and other play equipment.