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Nokia 6350 Flip Phone

The Nokia 6350 is a cell phone that is known for its flip design, this allows the phone to be used as a phone and as a camera also. The phone provides an 4, 3 inch screen that is straightforward to use. The Nokia 6350 also presents a quick launch feature that makes it effortless to get started.

How To Turn On A Nokia Flip Phone

How to turn on a Nokia flip phone, to turn on a Nokia flip phone, first turn it on with the power button. It will be digging like this: once it is turned on, it will be wanting like this: to take a picture with the flip phone, turn on the camera on the side of the phone, then, under the " photograph " tab, under the " resolution " tab, type " d4" and press enter. You can also use the " resolution " under the " photograph " tab to adjust the size of the picture, when you have finished turning on the flip phone, press the end of the power cord of the flip phone several times to turn it off. The flip phone will beep and the screen will be blue, the Nokia 6350 gsm flip phone is a top-grade phone for callers who itch to easily connect to other numbers without having to type complicated messages. This phone also comes with a second external tft display that can be used to play games or send this is an 692, Nokia 6350-1 b very rare phone. It provides a very high demand is the market because it is a Nokia flip phone that is very facile to adopt and operate, the phone provides a wap 2 interface and functions successfully with no issues. With the use of a wap 2 application, it is straightforward to add more than one account with the phone, the phone also extends a caller id that can be used to phone numbers. The Nokia 6350 is a flip phone that is designed for daily use, it gives an 3 g rate and is facile to use. The phone is moreover effortless to charge and renders a standard battery.