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Rugby 3 Flip Phone

The Rugby 3 is the latest flip phone from samsung and it is an outstanding flip phone! It is an average phone but it does the job well, the flip phone extends a v10 camera with an 5 megapixel camera with eliminating bias. The phone also presents an 2 gb storage which is plenty for most people, the flip phone is furthermore unlocked and is a practical gift for any Rugby fan.

Rugby 3 Flip Phone Amazon

The samsung Rugby 3 is a first-class phone for individuals who ache for a sgh-a997 but don't want to spend flip-phone, biz to try and find one. This phone comes with an unlocked cellular connection that can easily be used in the united states, the Rugby 3 also features a terrific display and excellent performance. The samsung Rugby iii 3 sgh-a997 is a top-notch phone for suitors who are digging for a phone that can handle many different tasks, it is an unlocked phone, so you can use it in any country with a smart phones account. The phone renders an 3- screen and an 800 mhz central board, so it can be used in not only Rugby but other sports as well, the samsung Rugby 3 is an 3 g flip phone that is sterling for lovers who appreciate the game of rugby. With an enticing color and easy-to-use interface, samsung Rugby 3 sgh - a997 - 3 g rugged flip phone is sure to give you the inside scoop on all the latest games and events, with a green display and easy-to-use features, the samsung Rugby 3 is a top-grade phone for suitors who enjoy using their phone as a flip phone. This rugged phone case from offers plenty of protection for your phone in both personal and professional settings, the case is manufactured of durable materials that will keep your device safe and protected. Also for football, golf, and other sport activities.