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Verizon Lg Flip Phone

The Lg exalt 2 is a new and stylish flip phone from verizon, this phone is enticing for both negotiate with your friends and family easily, keep up with the latest trends and more. With a blue and brown color palette, the phone is straightforward to see on your wall, the phone imparts an 2-measure screen with an 5-inch display. The phone is fast, efficient, and unequaled flip-phone, biz shopping and phone services.

Verizon Lg Flip Phones

The Lg vn170 revere 3 is a fantastic cell phone for students and busy professionals who need to keep in touch withing the same plans as other customers, it offers a three-carrier plan and always on factoring in. The phone also presents a first rate battery life which is first-class when you're on the go, it is produced from high quality materials, and you can be sure that you are getting a quality product. It also offers an outstanding touch screen and a fast speed, the phone presents an 000 mah battery, and it is very straightforward to charge. The Lg terra is a new flip phone from Verizon wireless that is a best-in-class choice supposing that digging for a burgundy avatar phone, it's a large-screen phone with a dark black color, and it extends a large, comfortable handle. The terra is a beneficial phone for suitors who are searching for a large phone with a comfortable grip, 000 mah battery, and it gives a top-grade look and feel. To reset your Lg flip phone, first make sure it is turned off and in the off position on the phone's home screen, once it is off, you can press and hold the on-screen buttons for three minutes. After it is in the off position, press the buttons once more, the phone will be turned off and will be in the off position.