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Verizon Wireless Freetel Etalk Prepaid Flip Phone

The freetel etalk prepaid flip phone is perfect for those who love to take their phone for a walk on the beach. This phone has a spacious feel to it and is only topped off with a white flip phone case.

Cheap Verizon Wireless Freetel Etalk Prepaid Flip Phone

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Verizon Wireless Freetel Etalk Prepaid Flip Phone Ebay

The freetel etalk phone is a new prepaid cellphone that is designed for high-end phone lovers. It comes with a 4g lte-brand new connection, so you can stay connected and stay phone-free. Plus, it's a flip phone so you can easily take it with you when you go, and it has a digital screen for easy viewing. the freetel etalk prepaid flip phone is the perfect way to talk on the go. With flip phone technology, this phone makes call and send with ease. Plus, the monetary compensation feature ensures you always have enough money to your account. This phone comes with a one-year warranty and is on the heavier side at 6. 5 ounces. the verizon wireless freetel etalk prepaid flip phone is a great phone for business or for talk-backs. This phone is always connected and never activates, so it's a great choice for a busy person on the go. The 8 true talk-by-phone capabilities make it a great phone for talking with co-workers. The phone also comes with a free 2-year plan worth of plans are available for a $4. 99 monthly fee.