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Z223 Flip Phone

The zte is a high-end flip phone that offers amazing features at a fraction of the cost of other flip phones, with a black color, at&t zte phone is sure to set it apart from the rest. This phone also comes with a free gift card, which makes it a sterling offer.

Zte Flip Phone Z223

Are you digging for a new phone to play with? Don't search more than the new zte this phone is a sterling deal at just $150, it's an unlocked cellular phone, so you can get in touch with you wherever you want to go. Plus, the beautiful black color will make you stand out from the rest, the zte is a new in box 3 g basic flip phone that is sure to offer years of useability. It is a beautiful black color with a facile to see 3 d design, this phone is sure to be a favorite with students and gamers who need to take a phone call or make a video call from home. It also includes a fast forward and fast reverse button on the front face that makes it uncomplicated to use, this very good old phone is a little outdated and needs to be fixed. Get your phone up to date and have some fun at the same time, the new zte is a black att flip phone that offers an 3 g experience like no other. This phone comes with a wide range of features, including a camera, beasts, and a face recognition feature, with its impressive performance and features, the zte is an excellent substitute for enthusiasts scouring for a high-quality flip phone.